MMD was more organised than us but still lost- CB PF officials confess

Senior Patriotic Front PF members on the Copperbelt yesterday publicly confessed that the Movement for Multiparty Democracy- MMD was more united than the current ruling party, but still lost power.

According to Muvi TV news,  The PF members regret that they are still living like the opposition despite having governed the country for two years and months.

Some of the issues raised are continued divisions in the ruling party, lack of employment and empowerment.

“The MMD was giving its people jobs. MMD was looking after people and were more organised but we are so disorganised and still behave like an opposition party,” the PF senior officials told their members during the provincial meeting.

The PF officials said they were actually more united as PF in opposition that wanted power that time but now are engulfed in too many intra-party wrangles.

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