MMD: We won’t give away Tetamashimba’s seat easily

After the Kasama tempers, national focus will be turned to Solwezi

After the Kasama tempers, national focus will be turned to Solwezi

The Movement for Multi-Party Democracy (MMD) in North Western Province says it remains confident of defending the Solwezi Central parliament by-elections

MMD Provincial Publicity and Information Secretary, Benjamin Mufunga told ZANIS in an interview in Solwezi at the weekend that the party has done its homework and is geared for the fourth coming by elections.

Mr Mufunga said the party in the province has received overwhelming support from the people.

He said the Solwezi seat is an important seat for the party adding that it will not give it away easily.

He said despite the party performing badly during the August 13 ward by elections where it lost some seats to the PF/UPND pact, it will campaign hard to win this seat.

He said the leadership in the province has since taken measures to ensure that the candidate who will be chosen on the MMD ticket is one who will represent them well and help bring development to the area.

Meanwhile, Mr Mufunga said he is aware of certain people both from the opposition and the MMD who are campaigning secretly even before the Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) announces the date for both nomination and poling date.

He has cautioned those from his party to wait until the dates are announced and the party advertises for the seat before they can start with their campaign.

Mr Mufunga said the party will not take lightly anyone who will be caught engaging in illegal campaigns advising them to follow the right procedure for them to be selected.

The Solwezi Central by elections fell vacant after the death of area Member of Parliament Benny Tetamashimba who was also Local Government and Housing Minister.

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