MMD welcomes Veep Kunda’s announcement to re-contest Munchinga

THE MMD in Central Province has welcomed the decision by Vice-President George Kunda to re-contest the Muchinga parliamentary seat in Serenje during this year’s parliamentary elections.

Central Province MMD vice-provincial chairman George Kangwe said the party in the region is happy that Muchinga Constituency where Mr Kunda is member of Parliament has witnessed development since the time he was elected.

Mr Kunda announced at a public rally held in Serenje on Wednesday that he will re-contest the Muchinga seat during this year’s parliamentary elections.

Mr Kangwe said the people of Muchinga are happy with MrKunda and want him to continue as their MP.

He said the Central Province MMD provincial executive committee and Serenje district executive committee are also happy that victory in Muchinga Constituency is already guaranteed.

“It’s a welcome development (for Mr Kunda to re-contest Muchinga seat). Muchinga is the safest seat for us to win because the Vice-President is on the ground, and the party is strong.

“The grassroots want him and all of us are behind him,” Mr Kangwe said.

He said the re-adoption of Mr Kunda to re-contest the Muchinga seat at the constituency, district and provincial committees will easily go through.

Mr Kangwe said with Mr Kunda continuing as Muchinga MP the area will continue witnessing construction and improvement of health facilities, schools, roads and electrification projects.

“He (Mr Kunda) has really done a lot in Muchinga Constituency in terms of improving schools, health centres and roads. So people are happy. The grassroots want him to be re-adopted, the lower organs of our party in Serenje have indicated that they want him, and his adoption will be easy,” he said.

Mr Kangwe also said the MMD will recapture all the parliamentary seats in Central Province because the region is one of the party’s strongholds.

He expressed confidence that the MMD will grab the Mwambeshi and Nangoma parliamentary seats in Mumbwa from the United Party for National Development because the ruling party is popular in the areas.

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