MMD wins Mwinilunga council chairmanship

The Movement for Multi Party Democracy (MMD) Mukangala ward councilor Francis Kanema has scooped the council chairmanship through a lot cast in Mwinilunga district.

The seat was tightly contested between MMD councilor Kanema and UPND Mulumbi ward councilor William Mukangla, both councilors failed to beat each through the ballot.

The first round of voting both MMD and UPND councilors scored 12 votes each out of the 24 votes casted, second round the councilor still failed to beat each other as they scored 12 votes each.

The full council went for the third round of voting; still a deadlock could not be reached as the two candidates scored 12 votes each from the 24 votes cast.

A lot was used to decide the winner of the position of the council chairperson, through a lot Councilor Kanema managed to beat his reveal councilor Mukangala

And addressing the full council shortly after being declared a winner by the electoral officer Munganga Shadrick , Councilor Kanema assured the both MMD and UPND councilors that he would work towards improving the operations of the council.

He said wining through a lot was a bad sign, hence the need to improve the operations of the council.

Chairperson noted that the poor performance of the council has attributed to some councilors from the MMD to vote for UPND.

He stressed that his office remains open to the councilors despite their political affiliation.

Meanwhile the position of vice chairperson went to MMD IKelenge ward councilor Eriton Kabola who went an opposed.


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