‘MMD won’t let UPND grab Mufumbwe’

The ruling MMD says it is wishful thinking for United Party for National Development (UPND) president, Hikainde Hichilema to claim that his party will scoop the Mufumbwe parliamentary seat.

MMD elections chairperson, Mike Mulongoti told QFM in an interview that the people of Mufumbwe are in a better position to state who they want to vote for as their new Member of Parliament and not the UPND leader.
Mr. Mulongoti who is also works and supply minister stated that the ruling party will not stand idle and watch while the UPND grabs the Mufumbwe seat from party.
He said MMD will put up a spirited fight to ensure that it retains the Munfumbwe parliamentary seat.
He said UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema should not get too excited and optimistic of scooping the Mufumbwe seat.
Mr Mulongoti said the MMD is still the most popular party in the country and has the capability to retain all the vacant parliamentary seats.
The Mufumbwe parliamentary seat fell vacant after the death of MMD Member of Parliament Misheck Bonshe.

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