MMD youths resolve to stone honking vehicles

MMD leader Rupiah Banda

MMD leader Rupiah Banda

Movement for Multi-party Democracy (MMD) youths in Lusaka have resolved to stone vehicles that would be used to honk against the non-appeal in the Fredrick Chiluba acquittal.

And the Watchdog has been informed that one senior citizen is likely to be picked up by police for conniving with named diplomats to destabilize the country.

According to MMD sources, youths resolved Thursday evening to mobilize street vendors to stone vehicles once they start honking at 17 hours.

The MMD youths also resolved to issue a statement Friday morning warning NGOs against making noise in town or risk their cars being smashed.
They said they will not allow foreigners and a clique of NGOs to fight government.
They wondered why NGOs want to honk and whistle now when they have allegedly been quiet on other important issues.
They said NGOs never sounded the trumpets on the streets when vendors were forcefully removed from the streets, when nurses went on strike, when the mines and Nitrogen Chemicals of Zambia were shut.

The youths at the meeting said the 18 NGOs are paid to pursue a foreign agenda.
On the senior citizen who is likely to be arrested, the Watchdog has been informed he has been the main channel for the funds which the NGOs have allegedly received from a named country.

The money, according to a very highly placed source, was channeled through the senior citizen’ NGO operating in Southern province.

18 NGOs on Wednesday resolved to adopt some of the anti-third term campaign strategies in support of the demands for an appeal against Frederick Chiluba’s acquittal.

“We call upon all Zambians who love this country and are worried about corruption to wear black and honk or whistle every Friday at 17:00 hours for 10 minutes.
“We call upon all ministers and senior government officials who hate corruption to join in this campaign. We stopped Dr Chiluba from going for a third term, we are determined to use the same system to advocate for this appeal to be heard. This is not about causing anarchy as government would want the people to believe, this is a fight for justice,” said Caritas direcor Samuel Mulafulafu on behalf of the consortium of NGIOs

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