MMD/PF officials believing Sata is dying soon, team up to form another political party

Some disgruntled former senior MMD and current PF senior officials including cabinet ministers have teamed up to form another political party in readiness for the eminent presidential by-election.

Zambian watchdog understands that some serving PF ministers and senior leaders have ganged up with former senior MMD cabinet ministers and leaders to form a political platform they hope will challenge PF.

Highly placed sources close to the on-going meetings say some PF leaders have lost the leadership contest with the powerful Wynter Kabimba team and have now joined hands with some former MMD leaders to form another political party.

They are convinced ailing president Michael Sata will not reach 2016 and have positioned themselves in readiness for a presidential by-election which they believe will take place sometime this year.

Some of those close to the on-going bickering and power struggles within PF have been tipped that Sata will give up power by September after clocking 3 years in office and qualify for gratuity and presidential retirement benefits for his family.

According to sources close to the meetings, the new political party will comprise mainly people not happy with MMD and those that have lost the leadership contest within the PF.

They say they cannot belong to the finished MMD, and believe UPND already has solid leadership in most senior positions while PF has been hijacked by the Kabimba and Mmembe cartel.

Some serving cabinet ministers are feeding them with regular updates on the condition of ailing president Sata and now believe he is totally incapacitated to lead the country any longer.

The Zambia watchdog has the names of some of the key players in the scheme but will with hold them for now.

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