Mmembe and cartel move to nominate judges

Mmembe and cartel move to nominate judges

The Cartel holding Dictator Michael Sata hostage has intensified its quest to control the Judiciary this time identifying potential Judges to be appointed by President Sata.

According to one of the lawyers who had been contacted by Post Newspapers Editor In-Chief Fred Mmembe, the cartel wants to get full control of the Judiciary.

“I would like the Nation through you the Zambian Watchdog to know that people who are holding President Sata hostage especially Mr.Fred Mmembe would like to control the Judiciary, I have personally been contacted by Mr.Mmembe requesting me to join the bench”

“I find it very odd that a newspaper editor can be contacting lawyers to nominate and recommend their names to President Sata so that they are appointed judges”, the source said.

The source said it was further very worrisome that a friend very close to the Director of Public Prosecutions can be nominating names of the would be judges. The source said this means that the whole justice system in Zambia has collapsed starting from the prosecution point of view up to the adjudicators.

According to the Zambian Watchdog’s investigations Fred Mmembe the Post Newspaper proprietor has identified and recommended about nine (9) names of lawyers to President Sata, who, as expected will go ahead and nominate them. The following five names are amongst the nine names identified and recommended by Fred Mmembe:

1. Winnie Sithole Mwendaarticle_thumbs

2. Noah Dindi Kaponda

3. Muuka Lishomwa Nawa

4. Lawrence Matibini Mutangana; and

5. Mwelwa Chibesakunda;

The cartel holding President Sata hostage comprises Mr. Fred Mmembe, DPP Mutembo Nchito, Sylvia Masebo, and Justice Minister Winter Kabimba.

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