Mmembe confirms Sata uses police to fix political opponents

Post Newspapers Managing Director Fred Mmembe has finally confirmed suspicions that President Sata uses the Zambia Police to intimidate political opponents. In today’s headline story “Sata chases Mangani” the Post report that President Sata instructed Eastern Province Police Commissioner Grace Chipalila to chase Eastern Province PF Chairperson Lameck Mangani from the airport for not taking the party’s parliamentary candidate for Malambo constituency Jacob Shuma to the airport.” I’m the head of the party and if he does not need to meet me I equally don’t need him. Mangani can you leave. I don’t want to see you. Chipalila(Eastern Province Police Commissioner) take this man away” President Sata ordered. These are not Zambian Watchdog words this is the Post Newspaper. If Sata can instruct the whole lot of a Police Commissioner to chase Mangani what more instructions does he give to the niece Stella Libongani the Inspector General of Police to fix political opponents? For those who were doubting Thomases when we report that Sata orders the Acting Chief Justice to nullify elections of vocal Members of Permanent the proof has been laid bare.

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