M’membe follows Sata to London

Post newspaper owner Fred M’membe has been in London the past few days holding meetings with first lady Christine Kaseba, sources at the Post newspaper and in government have revealed.

Sources say Mm’embe travelled to London with the intention of meeting president Michael Sata but could not due to the president’s worsened condition.

According to sources, M’mebme is still fighting to impose his preferred president if Sata becomes permanently incapacitated or passes on.

M’membe is said to be bitterly annoyed that Edgar Lungu and not any of his puppets such as Guy Scott is in charge.

‘I don’t know if he returned today but he has been in London where he was trying to force the first lady to agree to certain things,’ a source said.

‘The certain things’ include Kaseba being forced to state that Sata had wanted Kabimba or Scott to take over if he was to die.

But, M’membe is believed to have changed the individuals he wants to rule Zambia after seeing that both Kabimba and Scott are non-starters.

When Sata left the country to London where is battling for his life, M’emembe tried to mislead the country that Scott would represent Sata during independence Jubilee celebrations.

People close to M’membe say the cartel leader will now try to impose Agriculture minister Wilbur Simuusa or local government minister Emmanuel Chenda on the PF.


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