M’membe has lost the plot on Chikwanda


After reading the article Fred M’membe wrote after hacking Alexander Chikwanda’s phone and tapping his house, I have the following observations:

1               M’membe is a phone hacker who should be arrested immediately. I hope Chikwanda has already reported this matter to the police since the suspect has already confessed.

2               Chikwanada is in order to direct ZRA to collect tax from any person or institution. He is the minister of Finance and the boss to ZRA commissioner. He is in order to supervise his junior and tell him what to do where he sees wrongs.

3               M’membe says he has submitted the illegal recording in court to prove that Chikwanda ordered ZRA to fix him. First of all, no modern court can allow evidence obtained by illegal means to be tendered in court. Eve the police are not allowed to do that. And if the judge allows it, it is neither here nor there because the minister of Finance has power to direct ZRA.

4               That Chikwanda said Sata is not well. This is the real ammunition and focus of M’membe’s article. He hopes to create enmity between Sata and Chikwanda. The truth is that Sata is not well. All ministers say so in private. M’membe himself has written that Sata is controlled by a tribal clique because he has lost his mental faculties. Whatever else Chikwanda said, he showed massive concern for Sata

5               Chikwanda said Edgar Lungu makes decisions while drunk. This is very true. But Chikwanda also said Lungu is a good humble man and able leader. He only wished Lungu could reduce on beer. As an elder brother, he is in line to chastise his brother. Hope Lungu will see through M’membe schemes

6               Through out the illegally recorded chat, Chikwanda regretted corruption in government and wished it could be stopped.

7               He said even opposition leaders love him and even Hakainde Hichilema calls him ‘uncle’. This is the Zambia we know not the world of hatred which M’membe lives in.

8               There is nothing incriminating in all the recording but instead shows Chikwanda as a statesman concerned about corruption in government.



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