M’membe is a danger to Sata

Dear editor,
kindly withhold my details but I want to share my analysis with your audience regarding our political situation in Zambia.
From the day PF formed government in September last year, President Sata has made a lot of changes in trying to bring sanity to this country.

However, the biggest mistake he has made so far, is to build a threat to National security in the name of Fred Mmembe.As things stand currently in Zambia today, Mr Mmembe has become so powerful especially that this time around he has all the government machinery at his

ALL past Presidents kept Mmembe at bay knowing too well that he is not trust worthy. If you are to get something from your enemy the best way is to get closer to them and attack when need arises.

Although that approach has possibilities of backfiring, its important to exercise caution. Why did all the past presidents keep Mmembe at bay and what led to that? I am not going deal with the past but the present.

To put it simple, Fred Mmembe today, has George Mwenya Chellah at State House as Presidents mouth piece, and what this entails is that, all the information regarding Zambia either it be confidential or non-confidential, cannot by any means  bypass George

Chellar has to be aware of all briefings of all kinds bordering on security, economy, political, international, local or private businesses involving the president or even his where about at State
House and outside .

If all this information, sensitive and non-sensitive is at his fingertips, it means his former boss Mmembe, who secured him that job ,is also privy to that information as well. This position by
far is much more senior at State House and can be termed as the mind of the president.

Furthermore, Ps Malupenga, at ministry of information is also Mmembe’s man who is also very cardinal to government operations regarding labor and the media.

On the other hand, almost all First Secretaries in Foreign missions are from the post newspaper, meaning that all government activities internationally are also known to Mmembe perhaps before even state house gets wind of them.

To qualify my analysis, if you read Friday’s Post editorial comments based on Andrew Banda’s comments on Wyinter Kabimba’s business activities will point to my analysis and the post spoke in
parables to say they know a lot but are waiting for time.

Over and above,Mmembe’s privelledge to information makes him a danger to the security of the country because he is not a sworn in officer to work under orth and to make matters worse, he runs a newspaper and has never had permanent friends especially in politics.

Have you ever wondered why he is full of praise for Sata lately? The answer is simple; he has
managed to secure jobs for DPP  Mutembo Ncito, SG Musa Mwenye, AG Malila, Speaker Matibini and he is just waiting for a shakeup in the judiciary where he will fuse in judges who are his friends, there after you will have to watch him.

If you have political eyes, you will agree with me that Mmembe is deliberately not building Sata’s image because he knows and understands the weakness of President Sata which is, that he easily
gets consumed with praise if you are to undermine him.

To justify this, the Post has been praising him for not appointing cadres from his party but what Sata does not realise is that it’s a trap to weaken him and his party and these results are very visible in the just ended by-election results where Wynter has been busy making business deals outside Zambia at the expense of organising the party.

Like I have pointed out, Mmembe is piling up everything to his advantage while doing the ground work to consolidate himself through the state council, judiciary and government operations both locally and in its missions.

Lastly, there is a cartel to ensure that Sata continues to behave undiplomatic without any advice so that it works against him for the purpose of exhibiting his weakness publicly and the question
that begs answers is who is to blame, advisors or kabimba?

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