M’membe is the founding father of Zambian insults

By Daka F

These are some of the instances in which Post Newspaper has been the media for insults and ridicule.

M’membe Verses Mwanawasa

Fred M’membe, a controversial editor of The Post newspaper, was arrested and detained  after he wrote an editorial calling Mwanawasa “stupid and foolish.”

In his editorial in The Post Monday, 05 November, 2004, M’membe said Mwanawasa displayed “foolishness, stupidity and lack of humility” which was “something that one can never imagine to come out of the mouth of a president of this country.”

“We have no doubt Levy will continue to the end of his presidency with this arrogance, lack of humility and sometimes stupid and foolish outbursts until he crash-lands,” the editorial said.


M’membe verses Chiluba

He is accused of defaming the president because of the editorial published that morning entitled “A Thief for President”. In the opinion article, the editor-in-chief of the independent daily said that Chiluba “diverted money from legitimate purposes to his own personal use.” The journalist also asked “How are people supposed to deal with a lying and thieving president?”

Post Became a Judge far before Chiluba could be taken to court

M’membe Happily insults other tribes

The Post newspaper has repeatedly said Southern Province, an integral part of Zambia, has been reduced into a “Bantustan” because Mr. Hichilema’s UPND has its strong-hold there. The term is very derogatory and insulting. It was coined by the now defunct Racist Regime of South Africa which believed that Blacks were by God’s design, by nature, created to live simple and cheap lives and that because of this, they should be developed separately- APARTHEID. A “Bantustan” was thus an organized tribal entity devoid of Western Civilization. The Term is very humiliating and the victims felt painful to be told such terms. The Boers used the term to mean Black Africans were not part and parcel of God creation but a cursed group of animals. This is, perhaps, why the term has not entered the English Language vocabulary. It is extremely offensive, abusive, demeaning and insulting to refer to any part of the Republic of Zambia and all those who live there, to be like a “Bantustan.”Fred M’membe has proudly described people in Southern Province as Bantustan, and so he means they are rejected people,hence should be separated from the mainland.

This is not only insulting but dehumanizing other people who have the right to choose who to vote for and not according to the wishes of Fred M’membe. Fred is not the foundation of choice.He could be the Sata’s choice-consultant, but he should not force himself on us so that we think and behave according to his cheap thinking.


Fred M’membe’s Post became a media for Stigmatization of Mwanawasa

When Mwanawasa came to power, it was The Post that published stories of Mwanawasa being a cabbage. As a lesson in humility, Mwanawasa countered that charge and claimed that he, in fact, was a piece of steak. The Post was used by Sata and Fred Himself to make funnies of Mwanawasa’s health


Further, Post Newspaper became and still remains number one vehicle for insults. For Instance Dr Chongwe said it was stupid for those in government, like finance minister Dr Situmbeko Musokotwane to criticize PF leader Michael Sata for saying he would restore the Barotseland Agreement when they had failed to do so themselves. (Post, Fri 27 May 2011, 04:01 CAT)

Mr. Kabimba came out strongly and proudly called Rupiah Banda, Nyama Soya using the Post Newspaper.

Again, the Post has been calling other people stupid and foolish. In fact they redefined the word Stupid so that they qualify it on other people.

They called Kalusha Bwalya stupid and a crook. Even Austin Liato became a victim of Fred M’membe’s insults. “And today he (Liato) is in jail for attempted murder of money! Probably Austin was stupid to do what he did.( The Post Thu 24 May 2012)

Fred M’membe and his minions have been on their peak “orgasmically” insulting most of the Judges in the judiciary. They even walked away from Judge Mutuna during a court procession, something which has never happened in this country. It shows the guy is arrogant and has no regard for anyone. This insulting authority

So the Editorial of the Post of 7th March, 2013 called Insults and abuses on the Internet is an empty cheap and hypocritical talk by the Charlatans who are now feeling the heat of real freedom of expression. They are feeling the heat of real news from the Zambian watchdog. They are feeling humiliated to see that many Zambians have abandoned their propaganda PF news full of evil and insults.

Fred M’membe thought his paper would be the only influential news site but today the old chap is being choked with envy and hate for ZambianWatchdog as it has replaced his paper which has become a tissue paper and fritter-wrapper.

I only hope Fred M’membe does not develop diarrhea to see how Zambians can access the latest before he manipulates it.




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