M’membe, Kabimba Cartel’s new game of psychology

By Sidique Geloo

The editorial by Fred Mmembe ,in his ,Sylvia Masebo and Wynter Kabimba’s quest to frantically attempt to win back public favour by embarrassing GBM and at the same time offering an apology if they have wronged him in any way, made very interesting reading ,though I should note that the editorial sounded like a grade 6 pupil wrote it.
As confusion rocks them -feeling cornered, desperate and running out of options – the Cartel is now trying to use psychology to win back their once popular clout. Let us analyse this editorial so that we may strip naked the cartel’s new found strategy to discredit GBM and present themselves as angels to the masses.
1) Fred Mmembe : Having observed his colleague Kabimba being dragged in the mud to levels were even the Post’s once charming magic can not save him, Fred has realised GBM is not a push over, and may be fearing an even greater truth that his influence is finally null and void.
In his attempt to finally unleash what he wishes to be a big blow, he uses the planned meeting between GBM and Masebo to accuse the Defence Minister of being bitter that he lost a Zesco deal, to psychologically sway people by making them think  Kabimba and GBM have NO issues with each other at all,  rendering the loud cries for Kabimba’s resignation illegitimate. Further more, upon realising that the cartel is nolonger a profitable scheme, Fred wants to proclaim himself innocent by stating that he does not even know GBM very well, that the post has never written anything against GBM, which of course is another use of psychology on his part ,to signal that the beef between GBM and the cartel is actually non existant.  Fred is too ashamed to show out his white flag. Sorry Mr Mmembe
2) Sylvia Masebo is very adept at the game of Psychology. We all know she did not meet with GBM as a reconciliator or with good intention. She (Delilah) met with GBM (Samson) to find out his weakness. She is Kabimba’s great friend, and just as she almost managed to unseat the late Ben Mwila in favour of Kabimba before both of them joined PF, she feels stepping into the arena may save Kabimba  (Sylvia to the rescue).
Most political opportunists have learnt to play the game of psychology very well. Sylvia fits that equation. She fails to realise that social media is developing and sharpening a new breed of Zambians that are no longer gullible and can read through what that staged meeting with GBM was all about.  C’ mon Sylvia, that is so 90s,  cant you pull better tricks?
3) Wynter Kabimba : Obviously in deep heat, Kabimba has turned to his buddies for help. He is nolonger talking tough like he used to, his psychological strategy is to now allow his cartel members to trap GBM by allowing GBM to mess up. The cartel is trying to unleash a sneak attack against the minister of defence, but at this point no one cares much about their attempts because Zambia and Zambians are moving on to greater things and greater purposes. The Cartel’s game of psychology is simply “nursery” games. That post editorial remains what it will always be, a ridiculous bunch of self justifications

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