M’membe, Kabimba, Nchito celebrate RB’s removal of immunity

A CARTEL holding President Michael Sata hostage and the architects of the removal of former President Rupiah Banda’s immunity on Saturday evening help a party at the home of Post newspaper owner Fred M’membe to celebrate their victory after succeeding to coerce Patriotic Front (PF) Members of Parliament to remove the immunity of the former head of state.

Minister of Justice Wynter Kabimba, Director of Public Prosecution (DPP) Mutembo Nchito, former chairman of the disbanded Task Force on Corruption Mark Chona, Zambia Daily Mail deputy managing director Anthony Mukwita (looking for identity) and other heads of public media houses congregated at Mr M’membe’s house in Rhodes Park near the Showgrounds for dinner to toast to the removal of Mr Banda’s immunity.

An impeccable source has revealed that the cartel which has been propagating hate messages against Mr Banda and championing the removal of his legal immunity from prosecution made sure that the motion was taken to Parliament on the last day of the sitting of the House and ensured that the PF MPs voted for the motion.

The removal of Mr Banda’s immunity has only been motivated by hatred, vengeance, ego, dogmatism and greed on the part of Mr M’membe and his cohorts.

Mr M’membe, Mr Nchito and Mr Kabimba have never hidden their hatred for Mr Banda and his growing local and international popularity has so much angered the cartel that they had to instruct President Sata to accept their decision to humiliate the former president just to satisfy their egos.

Patriotic Front Members of Parliament on Friday debated and voted for the removal of Mr Banda’s immunity even when the motion was by law fraudulently taken to Parliament.

Speaker of the National Assembly Patrick Matibini in allowing that the motion should go ahead looked like a man who had a gun pointed to his head when ruling that the motion should be debated even when there was a court injunction.

In a normal and mature democracy, the judiciary should have held Parliament in contempt for blatantly and rudely ignoring the court order that the motion could not go ahead but because the executive and President Sata in particular was under strict instructions from the cartel, the two institutions of governance have failed to act independently.

The source said cartel had to call for celebrations when Parliament fraudulently stripped Mr Banda of his immunity and were meeting to strategize on how the former President should be arrested and eventually taken to police cells.

Mr M’membe, Mr Nchito and Mr Kabimba are themselves deeply involved in corruption and theft of public funds but because of the hatred they have against amar Banda, they are determined to have the former president jailed even if it meant manufacturing evidence that would fit into the allegations Mr Kabimba presented to Parliament on Friday.

The source said the cartel had invited heads of public media houses to instruct them on how best to cover the events of Mr Banda’s persecution and how to poison the minds of Zambians in their editorials so that citizens could rise against the former head of state.

The scheme is also meant to divert the citizens’ attention from pressing issues such as the shortage of mealie meal and its rising costs, poor governance, President Sata’s inability to govern because of being held hostage coupled with his failing health.

Zambians have been against wasting national resources on vindictive ventures like the removal of Mr Banda’s immunity and have been demanding that President Sata and his government concentrate on meeting the mega campaign promises he made to Zambians in 2011.

The country is still waiting for more jobs and more money in the pockets of the electorates but since assuming power, President Sata who was once known as a man of action has gone into hibernation and is only seen on television swearing in his appointees many of whom are opposition Members of Parliament who have been bribed by deputy ministerial jobs in his government.

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