Mmembe mad with Lungu dissolving Chikopa tribunal, but ZWD warned him

Malawian Judge Chikopa must be thanking his gods

Malawian Judge Chikopa must be thanking his gods

President Edgar Lungu, who saw nothing wrong with the Lovemore Chikopa tribunal as Justice Minister under late Micheal Sata has now dissolved the same tribunal that was set up to investigate Judges, Nigel Mutuna, and Charles Kajimanga.

We warned Fred Mmembe, Wynter Kabimba, Mutembo Nchito and others when we first coined the word cartel that they needed to tone down because none of the people that were surrounding Sata for jobs that time actually believed in him at all and that Mmembe and team would be dealt with because Sata was a patient who would die soon.

Their response was to come with a huge hummer and personally engineered the arrest of any journalist suspected to be associated with us.

We are again warning those worshipping president Lungu as job seekers and praise singers such as Richard Sakala owner of Daily Nation that Lungu’s ailments are worse than that of late Michael Sata and in saying this we don’t mean malice but truth will soon emerge right here for all Zambians to know, painful as it maybe to the family and Lungu himself.

The Tribunal was set up in April 2012 by President Sata following the complaint by Post Newspaper proprietor Fred Mmembe and Mutembo Nchito when they alleged that Judge Mutuna, Judge Kajimanga and Supreme Court Justice, Philip Musonda, misconducted themselves over the handling of the Zambian Airways court case (where they are shareholders).

Lungu, who is undoing most of Sata’s projects in preference to Rupiah Banda, has not wasted time in dissolving the tribunal as he ordered the Attorney General to enter a Consent Judgement with the Judges.

President Edgar Lungu has since revoked the suspensions and reinstated the Judges and has allowed them to work as puisine judges of the High Court.

Chief Justice Ireen Mambilima has since appointed Judge Charles Kajimanga as Judge-in-Charge, meaning more troubles for Mmembe and cartel members now in any courts of law.

So far this action by Lungu has infuriated Fred Mmembe who has since written a new letter of complaint letter to Chief Justice Ireen Mambilima claiming that it would be difficult for him and his colleagues to obtain Justice from the Judiciary “since the judges were intent or appointed to fix them”.

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