Mmembe, Nchito and cartel plot to install Magande as president exposed

Mmembe, Nchito and cartel plot to install Magande as president exposed

Desperation and running out of options following the failed project to install now discredited and rejected PF secretary General Wynter Kabimba as successor to president Michael Sata, the cartel members have now come up with another elaborate plan to bring in former finance minister Ngandu Magande in the PF government with a view to succeed Mr. Sata.

Highly placed sources within PF have disclosed that Fred Mmembe, Mutembo Nchito, Silvia Masebo, and Wynter Kabimba now want to bring into the PF the Magande presidency project that they failed when Levy Mwanawasa died.

Senior PF sources said the cartel members want to first have Magande appointed as Finance Minister replacing Sata’s uncle Alexander Chikwanda who they have been having problems with to penetrate.

“So far, they seem to have found a formula to have the not so clean Chikwanda fired over some deals he may have done and they have the sufficient data that they have already been leaking to president Sata and may soon leak it to the public using the Post newspaper. Sata and PF’s biggest mistake from the word go was to allow the cartel members plant their people in all the key government institutions such as the Police IG Stella Libongani who is a relation to Fred Mmembe, while DEC and ACC Directors were all installed by Kabimba and Mutembo,” sources have revealed.

Impeccable sources said the cartel’s strength now lies in the massive corruption going on in the Road Development Agency (RDA) contracts where the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Bernard Chiwala is former CEO for Zambia Airways, a project that they failed to run and is still a subject of the K14 billion DBZ loan that has claimed casualties in the judiciary where some judges are currently facing a tribunal probe by the Malawian judge Lovemore Chikopa.

Ngandu Magande was the MMD losing candidate to Rupiah Banda after Mwanawasa died and by that time, Mmembe and Michael Sata were still sworn enemies. He is closely linked to the defunct Zambian Airways Saga. Zambian Airways was owned by the cartel and was surviving on borrowed government money. As Finance minister, Magande facilitated Zambian Airways debts by writing to Communications minister then Dora Siliya telling her to waive Zambian airways dues to government parastatals like National Airport Corporation, Development Bank of Zambia etc.

Magande was strongly promoted by the cartel in their tabloid Post newspaper that has been used for hate speeches and black-mailing anybody they hate in their quest for power.

Sources said the failed Magande project under MMD was nothing other than his role in procuring unsecured loans from the Development Bank of Zambia (DBZ) for Zambian Airways and also for the illegal tax exemptions the airline enjoyed at Zambia Revenue Authority (ZRA) and National Airport Corporation (NAC).

“So far, the RDA Director, Mr. Chiwala who is also Mutembo’s church mate at Baptist Church in Long acres, has been instrumental in the recent unannounced reshuffle of Christopher Yaluma from ministry of Works and Supply back to the Ministry of Energy while the inept Energy Minister, Yamfwa Mukanga, will go back to the ministry of Works and Supply.

These reshuffles happened shortly after Chiwala on Wednesday, 22nd May 2013, reported Yaluma to president Sata that he (Yaluma) and ceremonial vice-president Guy Scott were pressurising him to sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with an Indian firm which Chiwala is impugning corruption against,” sources disclosed.

Recently, Guy Scott led a team of Ministers for a business meeting to India where the said company expressed interest to invest in infrastructure in Zambia and were referred to the Ministry of Works and Supply.

Sources said Yaluma, who is currently in South Africa for a Telecommunications conference, is alleged to have been moved with immediate effect after Chiwala’s damning report to the president.

Chiwala, whose RDA office now falls directly under president Sata, has also consistently been taking strong allegations against Minister of Finance, Mr. Chikwanda, that he has been soliciting the procurement of equipment for the township project, Pave Zambia 2000 for Chikwanda’s sources in South Africa.

The cartel members have also taken documents to president Sata using Mr. Chiwala showing that Chikwanda forced him (Chiwala) to award the Kitwe-Chingola Road Dual Carriage way to Chinese firm Syno Hydro Company.

With RDA managing the Link Zambia 8000 estimated at US$5.7 billion and Pave Zambia project for township road estimated at US$1 billion, it attracts financial attention within the corrupt PF regime for anybody looking for personal benefits from the projects.

Armed with this bait, Chiwala promotes and entices the cartel’s enemies and quickly takes the corruption allegations to president Sata.

The reports are also quickly acted upon as Chiwala submits similar reports to the Zambia Intelligence Service who in turn submit to president Sata as they are easily deliberately collaborated.

With the damage having been done with collaborated proved documents of corruption, the cartel recently featured their preferred man Magande on ZNBC television using their friend Chibamba Kanyama where he indicated his willingness to work with the PF government. And as expected, the story was widely covered in the media, especially the Zambia Daily Mail where Mmembe’s boy Anthony Mukwita is the defacto Managing Director see story here



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