M’membe, Nchito and Sakeni owe Zambians an apology

By Watchdog Correspondent

Fred M’membe, owner of the Post Newspaper has been manifesting grand hatred against former president Rupiah Banda and the MMD from the time the former head of state became the acting president soon after the death of president Levy Mwanawasa.

He had haboured the same hatred against Dr Kenneth Kaunda, late Dr Frederick Chiluba, late Dr Levy Mwanawasa and indeed Mr Michael Sata, the current republican president and called them all names each time he had a chance and in a chorus of flamboyant oomph, he praised them when his ego was being rewarded.

Mr M’membe in concert with his captive President Michael Sata, the bigoted Justice Minister Wynter Kabimba, politically imbued Transparency International Zambia (TIZ) director Gudwell Lungu, some not so ecclesiastical Anglican Church priest in Kitwe Richard Lubonde and Sunday Chanda whose NGO is an appendage of the Patriotic Front has consistently been propagating hate speeches against Mr Banda and the MMD.

Recently, internationally acclaimed lawyer Robert Amstardam who is also a human rights activist laid bare the grand hatred against Mr Banda who is also his client by Mr M’membe and his cohort Mutembo Nchito, the Director of Public Prosecution (DPP).

Mr Amstardam in his press statement was not ambiguous when he lucidly said the wholesale undermining of the rule of law in Zambia is being guided by Fred M’membe and his former business partner Mutembo Nchto who is serving as the country’s DPP.

Mr Amstardam stated that Mr M’membe and Mr Nchito have already allegedly abused their powers by forcing government to help them avoid paying back the Kr14 million debt to the Development Bank of Zambia.

Mr M’membe and Mr Nchito are now asking citizens to play the role of useful idiots to support lifting the immunity of president Banda even without knowing why.

The Patriotic Front and Fred M’membe have ever been fishing for ways to discredit and humiliate Mr Banda and when Mr Amstardam accused them of using Zambians as useful idiots, Mr M’embe and Kennedy Sakeni who is the government spokesperson wildly jumped on the cliché and quickly twisted the message to incite citizens to rise against the former head of state.

Mr M’membe and his clique have been conducting aggressive hate messages and nihilistic smear campaigns against Mr Banda so that Zambians should forget the political and social atrocities President Sata and his PF administration have wantonly committed since September 2011.

In any meaningful democracy, the state and the media must at all times desist from using inflammatory language against any group of citizens and journalists must as a matter of professional decorum demand accountability from politicians like Kennedy Sakeni making potentially harmful statements against citizens.

The overall intention of the sustained hate messages against President Banda, whether explicit or implicit has always been the same; to twist reality in order to publicly destroy the reputation of the former head of state as an individual.

Mr M’membe and Mr Nchito have crafted schemes to manipulate the brazen truth that they are the most politically wicked dual to devour the country and serve their greedy interests while harassing those whose political popularity is now threatening their power base.

The people M’membe, Sakeni and Nchito are using to sing praises for Mr Sata and the PF are doing so with the ignorant devotion of citizens whose moral modicum is far from being patriotic.

And Mr Sakeni and Mr M’membe together with their praise signers should not be asking Zambians to get angry with Mr Banda and his lawyer Amstardam because Zambians are already angry with their lies, incompetence and virtual inability to govern the country in a democratic and civilized manner.

Neither should Mr M’membe and Mr Sakeni ask president Banda to apologise to citizens but they should instead for forgiveness from Zambians for asking them to play the role of useful idiots and deliberately twisting the message to incite people to rise against Mr Banda whose trial of his unknown sins has been in the press.

Mr M’membe and Mr Sakeni’s fanfare over Mr Amstardam’s statement is but a self-delusion caused by the credibility deficiency President Sata and his Patriotic Front are suffering from.

Robert Amstardam did not in any way insult Zambians in his statement but Mr Sakeni and his propagandist M’membe are insulting citizens by telling them that they must parrot their twisted ideas just to hurt the credibility of president Banda who has steadily gained international respect

Zambians are angry that the PF government thinks they are gullible and that they cannot think through events as has been insinuated by Mr Sakeni, M’membe and some state owned media housessuch as the Zambia National Broadcasting Corporation (ZNBC) and the Zambia Daily Mail which extensively chose to twist Mr Amstardam’s statement.

There is nothing more passé than the media to deliberately choose to misinform the general public for nothing but political interests just to ensure that the democracy and freedom of expression citizens are enjoying is curtailed.

Hate messages are a bigoted language that attacks or disparages a selected social group or member of society and the intention is often to systematically undermine and subjugate the victim using insulting and offensive language so as to destroy his public reputation.

The hate propaganda against president Banda by Fred M’membe and his cohorts has been sustained but they are frustrated by the realisation that Zambians are awake and know that the intention of such hate messages is meant to sway them from real failures and governance issues affecting the country.

Hate language has become endemic in Zambia because the owner of one particular newspaper has never known how to love even as he extensively quotes the Holly Bible in most of his editorials.

Fred M’membe is one man who has called Zambians stupid because they have refused to agree with his opinion, he has insulted people with high credibility because they have given him advice and the people he is now using to put the reputation of president Banda into contempt have a large credibility gaps to be believed.

Fred M’membe has pretended to have had an allergy for corruption and human rights abuse since the foundation of the Post Newspaper and it has now turned out that in fact Fred has been a fraud.

While he propped up himself as an ardent believer in the fight against corruption and human rights abuse as well as ethical journalism, Mr M’membe and his cohorts have turned out to be greedy morons who are resorting to lowbrow insults against Zambians for not supporting their selfish cause.

And since irony and cynicism have not returned from holiday, it is not surprising that honesty and honour has disappeared from Mr M’membe’s and Mr Nchito’s conscious and the two gentlemen are now bumbling with bravado as they abuse their privileges to loot the country’s purse.

When their useful idiots managed to make the PF and Mr Sata win the September 2011 elections, Mr M’membe and Mr Nchito were rubbing their hands hot and hugging in glee, relishing the prospect of sharing power and the nation’s purse between themselves and their cadres.

They have used and abused their powers and privileges and they owe Zambians an apology.

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