M’membe, why are you so jealous of GBM

By Sidique Geloo

There is something sinister about any man that once walked and spoke for justice but later became a monster of his own rebukes. A man that a whole country counted on to fearlessly speak against unfair practices of the high positioned, only to fall prey to his own inert ,envious, greed for power that would eventually manifest as a spectacle to the public.

Fred Mmembe, once my hero and director of the post newspaper- now a wing of the PF Government-  fits those shoes. Just a few months ago, he had personally written some sort of an open letter to the then defence Minister GBM defending himself that the post has never published anti GBM articles and if indeed they had, he was willing to apologise to him personally.
Today, on a desperate journey to financially destroy the man that he could kill if no one was watching, he accuses GBM’s companies of supplying ZNS like a misguided investigator trying to tie an innocent man to a crime.

Mr Mwamba, aka GBM, had contracts with many companies way before he became a minister, he never awarded HIMSELF contracts while he was minister. That was not even his job to do so.

In the high realms of power, MMEMBE understands that financial prowess takes precedence over other forms of power. Just like the way he tries to tie HH to the crime of tribalism, He feels “tying GBM” to the crime of not denouncing the Chitimukulu is not enough ; he feels “tying GBM” to the crime of so called “destabilising Kasama” is not enough. GBM’s resignation pauses a bigger problem for him, though he is delighted his nemesis is nolonger defence minister. The only way Mmembe will be able to sleep at night will be the day he hears of a sign of a crack in GBM’s businesses. He knows that his friend Kabimba is in troubled waters, and he realises we, the public, will not be so forgiving of the debt he owes DBZ. So as a race against time, which is so against him, he is on a personal crusade to destroy GBM, find a way of diluting social media, and ultimately become the next GBM, financially. We know of his wranglings to win contracts with FRA and other endeavours.

With so much information that social media obtains on an hourly basis as opposed to 10 years ago when the only “believable” news we got was from the now disgraced Post Newspaper, it is highly unlikely that Mmembe and his co horts can twist, decieve, manipulate or change our minds concerning issues that we can now digest for ourselves without any help from his PF inspired paper.

Mr Mmembe, next time we hear from you should be the time you explain to us how you will pay back the billions you owe tax payers. We know you are envious of GBM’s financial position and you feel you will be indespensable if you reach that level, but money is not everything. You are trading on slippery ground. Leave GBM alone, and get back to the promise you uttered, that if you have ever written anything against him, you would apologise

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