Mockery of justice- Gounassi strikes again


One would have thought the revelations in the watchdog and the firing of the immigration chief from the immigration would have at least alerted the government or at least deterred Gounassi from using the immigration as his own personal army.

He as now struck with heavy vengeance and has been using Douglas to incarcerate his former wife and the Mr Ibrahim Dia (who is the Senegalese representatives Zambia and where his ex-wife is seeking refuge pending judgement from Judge Limbani of the Ndola high court).

Mr Dia had his house searched by Douglas and his cronies and he has been appearing in court for a number of tramped up charges. One of the main cases was that of the gun found at his house when they searched it. Surprisingly, all the gun documents where rendered mysteriously missing and the whole file has never been found. Luckily, today was judgement day for the gun issue and Honorable Mwiinga saw through all the confusion and decided to give him a fine of 40 million kwacha and mr Dia willingly agreed to forfeit the gun to the state. This however made Gounassi swing into action and unleashed four immigration officers with a signed deportation order from I don’t know who!  The flimsy reason for the deportation order was that he is a convicted person who should not be in the country.

The question is what was the immigration doing with a signed deportation order even before judgement had been read out..?

What was Douglas ( who is under investigation) doing dishing money at a criminal case and instructing the immigration to deport a person who is awaiting judgement from another court over the fabricated immigration charges?

As at press time, the lawyers (Mrs Mushota and Mr Wright ) are still trying to get an injunction at the high court to prevent MR Dia from being deported and the immigration and Gounassi are camped at Chimbokaila and Radson Blu trying to have the Senegalese representative deported. One wonders what type of work they do if they can waste the whole day trying to fight something straight forward. Credit has to be given to the prison officials who challenged the overzealous immigration officers that they cannot deport someone who is in custody and has to appear before a judge the following day for judgement for the same government department’s case.

Douglas and co, donning designer watches and phones given to the by Gounassi , had to resort to threatening the poor prison officials with dismissal if they did to avail Mr Dia for deportation.

We implore the government not o overlook this issue for so long as the conduct of one Gounassi and the officials lives a lot to be desired. One wonders what will happen to Mr Gounassis Ex-wife if this man is falsely deported considering he is the only one with the guts to give refuge to the troubled woman.

I wonder whether the government will become serious after this man shoots people like the Somalian guy from Ndola. It is unchecked power and money like those of Gounassi that make these foreigners roam this country with impunity.

Maybe the number of GRZ packing at his house every day this week for Xmas presents will drastically drop after this article. He is usually out of the country by the fifteenth of December to go to Senegal but is staying this year to ensure all these cases are fixed and he gets the PF government on his side.

Kitwe resident

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