Mockery of the former miners!


It is with shock and anger that I respond to Frank Bwalya’s arrogance on his accusation that the recently retrenched miners were indiscriminate in their borrowing sprees. My comments are as follows:

1. Employees borrow from banks against their employment tenure to improve their lives. The former miners did not know that they would be retrenched hence they borrowed based on the perception that they would repay their loans whilst in employment.

2. Frank Bwalya, you should know that the OPM concept is used everywhere. In case you do not know what OPM means, let me educate you, it means Other People’s Money. Multi-national companies and governments use a combination of equity and debt in most of their projects. Right now, your party called the Perpetual Failures (PF) are using debt for each and every project they are undertaking actually not even knowing how the debt will be re-paid. You have a finance minister who is using 1970 economic methods which are actually not working for this country. He is only interested in the commissions he get for each debt that he contracts so that he gives it to his paymaster in exchange for his stay as minister. The world has evolved, let him go and learn new economic principles from Wall Street. You can actually escort him there.

3. Where did you get money to build the flats you are renting out in Kitwe? Did you steal? Whatever the Catholics were paying you at all, would not amount to meaningful proportions to enable you build flats.

4. You should be ashamed of your rhetoric. Your comments will haunt you come 2016. You should actually show compassion to the retrenchees instead of insulting them.

5. By the way, where did your paymaster, president Lungu, get the money to pay the miners amounting to K18,000 each since the money was not budgeted for? To make matters worse, you sent the biggest racketeer, Kaizer Zulu, to witness the payments. You people have no shame at all.

6. Esther Lungu is busy distributing money all over the country in her campaigns which are disguised as women empowerment. Stolen money cannot empower anyone, God forbid.

The status of central committee member in the PF is cheap. People like you are not supposed to be near decision making organs of any organization. Rest in pieces, Frank Bwalya. Our 100 years as Baka chema are up next year 2016. You and others will be tried for your crooked tactics. What goes round, comes round.

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