Monday is a Day of Protest, says UPND youth leader

The summoning of Mr. Hakainde Hichilema to Kabwata Police for the crime of walking on a public road and riding in a public service vehicle (minibus to many of you) is the height of ridiculous behavior by the Lusaka Police Commissioner a well known human rights violator. Every Zambian under the Constitution is guaranteed freedom of assembly and freedom of expression and association. HH has every right to visit Zambians in their homes, their markets, their communities and their workplaces. Let us put it clearly the role of the Police is to protect serve all citizens without fear or favour. HH was a victim of violence from PF cadres but the Police rather than catch the culprits issue a call out for a charge not even in the statutes.

All Zambians must condemn this absurd behaviour as it is a direct assault against the nations democratic norms. Not even in the one party state were Police as partisan as we have today. More importantly this behaviour by the Police encourages the youth to see violence as the answer to their problems. In the UPND we do not subscribe to this mediocrity and we will not stand by and allow this impunity by the PF Police to continue.

It is in this regard, the Youth League calls upon all well meaning but especially the Youth of Zambia to come in numbers to Kabwata Police with letters requesting the Police to issue a permit for you to go work, to school, to the market etc. Let us show this evil regime that Zambians will not allow them to turn our beloved Police Service into a PF militia. Across the country all UPND youth must in solidarity write letters to their respective Police for permits.

Let us flood the office of Charity Katanga and others around the country with this message of civil disobedience on Monday 18th May 2015. As citizens it is our duty to protect the human rights of the people. Please let us maintain our peace and for those coming to Kabwata please come with letters. Together we can do better for Zambia!

Ephraim Shakafuswa
UPND Youth League Lusaka Coordinator

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