Money and fate too cruel on once respected lawyer Mumba Malila

Money and fate too cruel on once respected lawyer Mumba Malila


malilaAttorney General Mumba Malila’s attacks on LAZ cannot pass without comment.  Mr. Mumba Malila is reported as having described as ‘wild and troubling ‘LAZ’s statement that the actions of the immigration  officers who prevented  RB  from travelling to South Africa  at Kenneth Kaunda International Airport , constituted contempt of court.

I am troubled by  the speed   with which  Mumba Malila   has been degenerating from a once respected Human rights lawyer and defender of human dignity to an unabashed lackey of one of the most repressive and undemocratic regimes that our continent has ever seen.

How cruel can fate be? How did such a promising legal mind end up as a prop to this tin- pot dictatorship? How ironic that of all people( Mumba Malila) , a once respected personality on regional and continental  human rights bodies  could be the one formulating arguments in favour of the Public Order Act ?  Just what happens to integrity and professionalism that a fine legal mind like that can no longer distinguish between good and right ? Just what happens in dictatorships which makes once dignified professionals throw away their dignity as they seek to outdo each other in carrying out the most heinous instructions of their master, just what happens?  The zeal Mumba ,  the zeal you display in persecuting the citizenry puts to shame Paul’s pogroms against the early church.

Just what prizes do dictators dangle that suddenly warp the minds of these once highly regarded ladies and gentlemen?  Or what threats are issued that chill the spines of these guys into such spineless, pliant, almost pitiable creatures. Or is it hunger? The so called Politics of the belly a- la- Munkombwe? For how else,  dear Mumba, are we to explain your actions? Or were you so bitter against MMD when , ( as you allege ) the late George Kunda and Dora Siliya hounded you out of your initial office as Attorney General that you are prepared to do anything  to show your loyalty to Sata and the PF – no matter how silly ?

Do you feel so indebted to the PF and Sata (and so enraged against the MMD) that you have no qualms about throwing away the very characteristics and attributes that had had distinguished you – honor, integrity, dignity ?

And just what are you going to do when the curtain falls on this PF regime? Will you go around with your head held high as the people around point you out with their lips whispering    – ‘that is the one who was Sata’s Attorney General ‘?   Friend, seriously consider this prospect and review your situation. If not for your sake,  at least for your children’s sake. They deserve a better legacy. The same could be said of Speaker  Patrick Matibini  and Solictor General Musa Mwenye . It may be too late for Mutembo Nchito. Too late.


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