Money driven scheme to blackout opposition, NGOs hatched

A scheme has been hatched by president Michael Sata’s praise singers at Post newspaper and the Wynter Kabimba group where they have  buying off  private media houses to also black-out opposition political parties and critical civil society organisations or play down their stories.

Sources in the media and senior members of PF said the scheme which initially started by blocking the opposition parties from holding meetings and rallies, is aimed at reducing pressure from the president in the light of the many challenges affecting his government and the ruling party, especially in view of his health condition.

The sources said the plan which has now been extended to blacking-out political parties and statements from civil society organisation, has targeted private media houses such as Muvi TV which for the first time ignored a media press briefing addressed by the joint opposition parties yesterday (Wednesday) over the denial of police permit by the PF government.

Senior members said the scheme also involves bringing former dictator Kenneth Kaunda to be among the front faces of the PF government to over-shadow Mr. Sata in order to reduce pressure on the president.

In one of the meetings attended by PF MPs, president Sata expressed anger that civil society organisations were now re-grouping and openly issuing strong statements against his government and urged his MPs to double their efforts or they will lose their seats.

“You will now be seeing more of KK even inspecting some government projects around the country because he is more fit, with the idea of reducing pressure on our president”, sources said.

The sources also revealed that a number of strong statements coming from civil society organisations are actually prepared at the Post newspaper and the boy George Chellar is merely made to append his signature.

“A good example is the one which you people carried reacting to Law Association of Zambia (LAZ) recently which was done from Bwinjimfumu Rd and carried in more detail in the same newspaper than the LAZ statement itself”, sources said.

Sources said the scheme is so big that senior leaders and cabinet minsters are now sometimes being told to get guidance and directives from Kaunda, as if he is a de facto ruler.

The scheme also targets to black-out some perceived controversial senior members of the ruling party that are opposed to Mr. Winter Kabimba’s leadership style.

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