Money for 200 students missing ?

Good morning the might Dog kindly help us with the Higher Education Loans and Scholarship Board of Zambia formerly the Bursaries Committee.

The government of the republic of Zambia through the ministry of finance released funds to the ministry of higher education to be paid to students at the University of Zambia upon successful registration at the university and screening with the board. Unfortunately the Loans and Scholarship Board is failing to pay over 200 students who screened on the 23rd April, 2018 on the pretext that the government does not have money when in reality it is in public domain that the government has already released funds due to each student.

It is unfortunate the institution entrusted to oversee the welfare of students is mismanaging the finances of the student populace and consequently undermining the good works of the government. The ministry of higher education disbanded the UNZA unions and espoused the pillars of peace campaign were students should air their grievances via dialogue. This is a good move but unfortunately these office holders at the board do not respond or work on students queries.

We are not asking for much all we want is the board to release the money due to the students and let them be exemplary if this pillar of peace campaign is to be meaningful.
Affected student

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