Money for Chisamba mortuary fridges goes missing

The money that was allocated for the fridges at the Chisamba mini hospital mortuary has gone missing, even the old run down fridges obtained from Kabwe general hospital have broken down.

Chisamba health centre was upgraded to a mini hospital to be equipped with a mortuary and money was allocated for that exercise but by the time of completion early this year, there was no money for the fridges.

To hoodwink the people of Chisamba, government got the old fridges from Kabwe general hospital to fit them there but they have also broken down.

Because government is broke, it is now appealing to the corporate world to raise funds for the mortuary. Even the same mortuary was built with funds from the corporate world and local farmers while government committed to fitting the fridges.

While PF can manage to commission a hospital in Mpika which is more than 1,000 kilometres from Lusaka, Chisamba which is merely 50 kilometres away from Lusaka and home to many commercial farmers remains neglected.

Chisamba people now have to keep their beloved dead in their homes or transport the bodies to Lusaka or Liteta hospital in Chibombo.

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