Money for Northwestern project taken to Northen province

Money for Northwestern project taken to Northen province

The PF government has diverted money which was allocated for part construction of the Chingola Solwezi road and the Solwezi Township road to the construction of a road in Malole Northern Province.


A source within the Ministry of Infrastructure has disclosed that the money has been diverted to the construction of the Nseluka Kayambi road which Edgar Lungu will commission during the Kusefya Pa Ng’wena traditional ceremony of the Bemba speaking people next weekend.


” I would like to state here that the action by the government is what creates regionalism and tension in the country. How can they divert the money for Northwestern Province to Northern Province and they have done it very smartly you know how? The contractor is the same,”the source said.


The source said since the contractor for the Solwezi project and the Malole project is the same (China Geo Construction) It was very easy for Loney” them” to divert the money. ” You know it has become a custom now that every time Lungu officiates at a traditional ceremony he commissions a project ahead of 2021 elections so there was no money for the Nseluka Kayambi road and the officials said since it is the same contractor who is handling the projects divert the Solwezi money to Kasama but it is unfair to the residents of Solwezi.

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