Money for peace keeping soldiers vanish

Money for peace keeping soldiers vanish

Zambia Army Peacekeepers in limbo as UN Salaries ‘grow legs’

Reports reaching us is that, a high-level meeting of senior soldiers was hurriedly convened a few weeks ago at which the Army Commander General Paul Mihova arrogantly informed them that the UN salaries for the over 900 peacekeepers due to return this month from the UN operation in Central African Republic have been used on ‘important national tasks’ and that the soldiers must be commanded to ‘bear with government’ as their monies will be paid later as ‘personnel claims’.

This according to our source at Army Headquarters means the returning soldiers whose money the UN actually paid in January 2018 will not be paid on arrival!

The question that the Zambian people should ask is ‘where has the money disappeared to?” Could it be that it has been diverted to ‘higher authorities’ to fund PF Campaigns? Which government project does the army sponsor using UN funds ?
One of the generals that attended the meeting was actually surprised that General Mihova, who has suddenly become a millionaire in US dollars through a number of companies and proxies that he and his equally rich nephew Colonel Dan Tembo-Kaumba solely control, has never involved them in the procurement of UN equipment and subsequent disbursement of the UN payments since the operation started in 2015. It is infact a chargeable offense to even whisper about the UN money as many officers have even been retired or transferred for simply demanding transparency in the control of these funds. It is shocking now that the commander should panic and ask them to help ‘coordinate these payments’ now that there seems to be a ticking time-bomb situation with the returning peacekeepers being expected back in a month’s time. “This man and his nephew the director of Finance have simply chewed the soldiers’ money, we all know this from the way the two have suddenly become stinking rich. He now wants to give an impression that we were all involved in this scam yet its him who has been dealing with suppliers who even include his son, wife, girlfriend Zorai to supply cheap equipment at inflated prices. He now wants to involve us, its too late let him just account for the soldiers’ money because the soldiers won’t understand and we shall not defend this theft” the general lamented. He called for an independent audit into how the UN funds have been used as there is nothing to point at apart from 30 Landcruisers, 15 ostriches and 15 rottweiler sniffer dogs that the commander bought and proudly commissioned recently.
Whilst we do not worry about this apparent grand theft of government money by the two comrades-in-theft, it is the fact that hardworking soldiers that risk their lives on UN operations stand to be conned of their hard earned money ( $1000 each month x 12 months) as the money has simply vanished. For all that doubt this please confirm with any returning soldier if they will be paid in full upon arrival this month.

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