Money for soldiers on UN peace keeping mission


There is an issue which cracks my bones.When Military or Soldiers go on United Nation Peace Keeping Operation its so hectic where some die leaving there families grived.Now when it comes to payment our Government has never been realistic to help a poor Soldier instead the little that is suppose to be give to him/her the Govt gets 50% and a poor Soldier goes languishing with 50% hard earned dollars.As if it is not enough Govt usually gets alot of dollars thru the equipments which the troops use during such mission it start with Spoons,Combat which a soldier is putting on,boots,weapons,all vehcles with its own rates.Zambia Army has been a War Lord on these UN OPs current in Central African Repblic(CAR).Why cant the Govt benefit from the equipment it provides on these missions other than stealing frm a poor soldier!and the UN monies seems not to be accountable to the wellbeing of Millitary and Zambia and no one mentions it but the fact of the matter they is good cash Zambian Govt earns thru these mission.


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