‘Money for voter registration not enough’

The Electoral Commission of Zambia says the budgetary allocation for 2010 is insufficient for the commission to conduct the continuous voter registration exercise in all parts of the country.
Speaking this morning at Golf view hotel in Lusaka during the official opening of a consultative workshop for provincial local government officers, town clerks and council secretaries, on the continuous voter registration, ECZ Chairperson Justice Florence Mumba says the seventy billion kwacha set aside in next year’s budget for the implementation of the continuous voter registration exercise is insufficient.
She says with such levels of funding it is not possible to decentralize the continuous voter registration as earlier planned.
Justice Mumba explains that the commission’s earlier plan was that the continuous voter registration exercise would be decentralized in all the districts and also facilitate the continuous removal of deceased voters from the register, amend incorrect details on the voters register and transfer for individuals who have relocated.
She says with insufficient funds the exercise cannot be conducted as planned.
She however says the seventy billion Kwacha though insufficient will still be used to conduct voter registration in preparation for the 2011 tripartite elections.

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