Money game show at muvi TV, is it a scam?

Dear editor,
Thanks for providing a good and reliable platform for us the general public to air our views for the many injustices that are going on in our country.This is my first time writing to you and I must confess that am a keen follower of your news and I don’t remember a single day that I did not log on to this site countless times a day.

However,there is one isue that I want to bring to your attention and pray that you dig it deeper like you have done with countless isues that you have exposed to the public which would otherwise have been swept under the cappet without the people ever knowing.

I’ve got a younger brother that I keep who is in grade 12 and he happend to take part in the muvi tv sate to sate game show and he was called on 10th may 2013 that he had won a kr 5000.he was tod to visit their offices and he did,he was tod to open an airtel money account which he also did.From that time,all he has been told is ‘we’ll call you next week’ which they hav’nt till this day.

Two weeks ago I made an effort to with him and hear for myself why they were not giving him his money which he had rightly won atfter spending his hard earned talk time.when we reached there,levy junction offices receiption,coz  they don’t allow to see the person directly involved, I was told that the money was not ready and they’ll call him next,same story.

I then went to airtel to find out more since there is the airtel tag invoved,airtel people told me they didn’t have anything to do with the game and that muvi was just using their name.last week I went there and they told me the same story,was there again yesterday but the story didn’t change either,the only different thing this time was that the receiptionist or deceiptionist pretended to hav told me to come on friday the previous time I was there and gave me the numbers to the office dealing with the game which she again pretended to have given me but not.

When I called the same lines yesterday the person who answered was just saying ‘no we’ll give you the money’! Today when I called,the lady who answered told me the person who signs cheques has been out for a month and so they can’t pay out any money without him and they are not sure when he’s coming back!

If you come to think of it editor,how fair is this? They have never called again since the 10th of may and it has become like a debt where by you go there today and they tell you to come next week because they don’t have! My question is how many people out there are going through the same agony and don’t just have the platform to air their views after spending their increasingly scarce and hard earned money on these money gambles more especially our peole from the compounds and villages?
Please help expose these people its not fair.

For any further information,u can get in touch with me.Protect my identity in case u publish this story just in case it jeopertises his chances of getting his money if at all they’ll give him.


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