Money: Katumbi snubs MMD Presidential aspirant Nevers Mumba

By DEAN MWAANGA (Daily Mail)
MMD presidential aspirant Nevers Mumba’s attempts to hold high-level discussions with Katanga governor Moise Katumbi (top right) on Tuesday drew a blank after he was told – ‘no sir, we only deal with governments.’
According to protocol officers in the governor’s office in Lubumbashi, Mr Katumbi refused to meet Dr Mumba (left) who is in the Democratic Republic of Congo for the Southern African Development Community (SADC) Bishops Conference.
Dr Mumba tried to use the opportunity to meet Mr Katumbi, who under the leadership of President Mwanawasa, was declared a prohibited immigrant. Dr Mumba was Vice-President between 2003 and 2004 in the Mwanawasa administration.
A protocol officer in governor Katumbi’s office said: “Dr Mumba’s people were told that we don’t deal with individuals, we deal with governments. Dr Mumba should have come through the Zambian consular.”
Dr Mumba was appointed High Commissioner to Canada under President Rupiah Banda’s administration. President Sata last year withdrew him from his diplomatic mission upon the Patriotic Front government’s ascendancy to power and he immediately declared to gun for the MMD presidency.
His campaign has been pegged on relentless attacks on President Sata’s leadership, prompting Information, Broadcasting and Labour Minister Fackson Shamenda to say the PF government has a more serious duty to perform instead of squabbling with Dr Mumba.
The Daily Mail yesterday made several calls to Dr Mumba but the phone was either ‘outside coverage area or switched off’.
Senior Zambian government officials have deemed Dr Mumba’s failed meeting with Mr Katumbi as a fundraising venture.
PF secretary general Wynter Kabimba said Dr Mumba has become so desperate in his quest to hijack the MMD, a party he never formed.
He said Dr Mumba thinks he can mobilise funds from everyone to fund his political ambitions.
Mr Kabimba said Dr Mumba’s actions must also be a warning to the former ruling party that “the man can do anything to get the leadership of the party”.
Mr Kabimba said governments in the region should be wary of politicians that want to get to power by all means.
Matero member of Parliament Miles Sampa, who is also Finance and National Planning deputy minister, said: “From a financial perspective, it would be interesting to see how he gets this money into the country.”



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