Money laundering report for 2019 still being edited by suspects


By Anthony Bwalya  ( UPND Member)

The Finacial Intelligence Center (FIC) report for 2019 is in Statehouse and under siege.

The report will not be issued until all suspicious transactions involving the presidency and those of his inner circles are “sanitized” or completely removed from the report.

This is why President Edgar Lungu has of late been openly jittery and swinging at the Anti Corruption Commission (ACC) because he now knows that even if his name does not come under direct criminal indictment by the ACC by virtual of the presidential immunity he currently enjoys, it will be impossible for the public to think otherwise of the presidency when they see the president’s men and women come under criminal investigation for wrong doing involving billions of United States dollars at the expense of Zambians.

This president has been a reckless president. This president has been a complicit president.

And the Patriotic Front (PF) as a political organization continues to be the mother of all criminal syndicates because it is the breeding and sponsoring platform for all the biggest corrupt elements currently bleeding our country dry.

In any other country, the public would, could and should have taken to the streets and demanded for the immediate resignation of the entire government and fresh calls for a general election be rang out, and while by now, it is expected that the army, the police and security wings would and should have been preparing to disengage the Patriotic Front (PF) led government by reason that this government no longer represents the interests of the country and its people, and continues to bring into disrepute our Zambian Republic.

We should be preparing to isolate the PF regime and its proponents.

Zambia has never known corruption on the scale we are witnessing under the PF, neither have we witnessed organised government criminality such as what we are seeing under the PF regime.

At some point, even Patriotic Front supporters must sensibly be expected to choose their country over their political party establishment, which has patently been turned into a looting platform.

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