Money lover Litunga exposed

Litunga of the Lozi Edwin Lubosi Imwiko popularly known as Kacamali (shameless lover of money) called Silalo Indunas within Mongu district to coerce them and consequently influence their people to vote for President Edgar Lungu.

One Induna narrated, “He told us that Lungu was going to give us the Barotseland Agreement. Later we were taken on a ride along Mongu-Kalabo road to enable us appreciate what Lungu has done for us. He also talked about the tarring of Mongu streets, etc. It was unbelievable how a man of that stature can talk to us like children. Even our grand children know that the Mongu-Kalabo road was initiated by former MP Godfrey Simasiku and later started by Mwanawasa. In 2011, Rupiah Banda in wanting to take a credit for himself came to do a ground breaking ceremony with the same Litunga. At that meeting RB told us that he has sent Dr. Musokotwane, then Minister of Finance to go and secure a loan from China to complete the same road. How many Mongu-Kalabo roads do we have? He asked and added. “Barotseland Agreement! Hapuu, kanti muñaluna sacezi Lungu sa palelwa kumu kutiseza ki sikamañi, mina batu? (It’s unbelievable. You people, What is it that our lord has eaten from Lungu that he is failing to refund?”).

The other Induna added, “Who is eating the money for Liuwa National Park? Is it not our Litunga and his bootlicker Indunas? When the Litunga spoke we just looked at him and in our hearts we said, let him wait for 11th August, he will know us.”

Among the Silalo Indunas that attended were Imamuna, Litungi, Lukama and Mwana Mulena Namiluko.

Indunas lmandi, Kalonga and Namuyamba, sent by acting Ngambela Mwenda are the ones harassing other upright Indunas because Mwenda’s daughter Mwangala and her crooked husband Richard Mwapela are the PF candidates in Liuwa and Kalabo respectively.

Meanwhile, a Watchdog correspondent attached to state house has revealed that Lungu, who is also claiming credit for the non existent King Lewanika University, a project initiated by the late Michael Sata will be going to Mongu on Monday to receive the Litunga’s assurance on the massive vote he will receive in Barotseland.



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