Money meant for farmers ended up in wrong pockets- admits Scott

Ceremonial Vice-president Guy Scott has disclosed money meant to pay farmers across the country has ended up in wrong pockets.

Dr. Scott, who has since apologised to farmers for the delayed payment of their produce to FRA, has promised to pay all the farmers across the country this week.

Speaking when he featured on Breeze FM in Chipata, Dr. Scott, who did not elaborate who pocketed the money, said the PF government will look for other resources to pay the farmers.

There has been an outcry from farmers across the country over none payment of their money by FRA, with some demanding to get back their maize and sell elsewhere.

The Zambian government recently ordered FRA to borrow money from private lending institutions and pay farmers.

Government also borrowed money through the sell of the Euro-bond.

Dr. Scott is himself a farmer and a former minister of Agriculture under the MMD administration.

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