North West police officers ‘robbed’ of their money

Kindly hide my ID, Am a police officer based in North-Western province, I write to inform you of the daylight robbery in the Zambia Police particulary North-western province. On the 1st of September 2015,the police command dispatched us l to go and police the Solwezi-West by-election.

On that material day, we were given K910 for five days/night allowance whose rate is k182 called out of pocket allowance. We set out the very day with the assurance that the other allowance for 19 days will be given to us later on. Whilst in the camps, we were subjected to hardships where feeding is concerned as the food was just like prison food. Beans was the best meal.

On the 25th of September 2015 after the elections, we withdrew only to be given allowances for 08 days of K1,456 instead of the whole 19days we were owed without any explanation. Now the question is, where did the other money for 11 days go. Is the government literally broke such that they couldn’t meet our meagre allowance of K182 per day, or is it that the ever loving money Malcom Mulenga and his cohorts are at it again? We have cried before and again that Mr Njimba the operations officer is a man never to be trusted where money is concerned even if he puts on a church jacket, to us its a camouflage.

What annoys us much is that officers from mobile unit who came five days whilst we were already in camp and having been already given money for 02 nights were given the allowance catering for 18days as they pocketed k3,276. Were they paid fully because they have the blessing of Malcom Mulenga their former? Through you the watchdog, can someone probe the allocation to the Police for the by-election to North-western province so that perpetrators are brought to book or can the president himself tell us if he doesn’t need us north-western police officers because of his rejection by the people of this region and his failure to amass votes from this region.

If the government released all the money, may the OP and the ACC probe Malcom Mulenga, North Western Division second-in-command Mr Kunda and Mr Njimba. This is the work of the OP instead of giving false reports on the opposition to the president.


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