Money meant to track down ZWD plundered

Senior Officers in the Security wings have been accused of plundering money that was meant to be spent on tracking down the operations of the Zambian Watchdog.

A source close to the operation has disclosed that he does not believe that the whole US$ 5 million was spent on the exercise. The source disclosed that the Chinese government gave the Zambian government US$ 5 million (K25 Billion unrebased) for the operation to investigate people linked to the Zambian Watchdog and were the site is hosted and updated and also finding ways of blocking the site.
“The Zambian government requested the Chinese government for an assistance to block the Zambian Watchdog, so the Chinese government gave Zambia US$ 5 million for a one year operation. This money was not signed for by Finance Minister because it was an intelligence operation but I do not believe all this money was spent prudently. Some senior guys may have have plundered this money” the source said.
The source said the most costly things the team procured was software and hardware gadgets of from Huawei and ZTE that the government used to block the Zambian Watchdog on the International Gateway at Mwembeshi Satelite.
“…And this equipment and the software total cost is about US$ 2.5 million plus the few allowances for the junior officers who were asked to do the donkey work including arresting of journalists linked to the site. So were is the remainder of this money” the source asked.
The task force comprise the Office of the President Special Division, Drug Enforcement Commission IT department, The Zambia Police (Police Intelligence) and the Zambia Information, Communication and Technology Authority (ZICTA).

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