Mongu PF youth leader swindles town clerk

Patriotic Front (PF) Mongu District Youth Chairman Oscar Lioyo has allegedly swindled Mongu Municipal Council Town Clerk Sishumba Mulowa.

Lioyo got K700, 000 meant for councillor ‘seating allowance after pretending to be a councillor.

The tricking happened the other week during a council meeting in the council chamber.

A named councillor disclosed to the watchdog on Monday saying Lioyo is crooked as he has been taking advantage of being in the ruling party to swindle council officers.
When some councillors confronted the town clerk to explain why he gave money to someone who is not entitled, the town clerk said he thought Lioyo was the councillor for Kama ward because that is what he signed
The councillor said lioyo’s tricks are known by both provincial and district PF party officials but wondered why he has not being disciplined especially that their government claims to be transparent.
That Lioyo is a crook, he is always deceiving council officers to get what he wants. just two weeks ago he got a K700, 000 pretending to be an MMD ward councilor for Kama, now imagine the PF people are busy saying MMD was full of corruption but them they are keeping such a leaders for youths then what kind of youths is he going to produce” he
wondered .

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