Mongu residents bow and Kneel on the streets for returning Barotse Prime Minister

Mongu residents bow and Kneel on the streets for returning Barotse Prime Minister

Part of the people that knelled on the streets of Mongu

Details and Photos supplied by Charles Nyambe

A heroic and symbolic welcome greeted Barotseland Prime mister (Nagmbela) when he returned home after a tour of Livingstone, Monze and Mazabuka last Friday.

There was singing, dancing, ululating, sloganeering (Bulozi ki bwa luna) and “symbol waving” (lwa pumeha).

Subjects kneeled on the streets of Mongu as the  King’s representative and spokesperson passed by.

This happened on Friday 2nd March 2012 when the Ngambela of Barotseland, Honourable Clement Sinyinda met hundreds of people who came to welcome him to Mongu on his return from his first trip outside Barotseland since his installation.

This spontaneous event brought together people of Mongu when they caught wind that the Ngambela was arriving  in Mongu on the material day and some of them gathered at the welcome Mongu post near Hollywood hotel from as early as 13hrs until the Ngambela arrived two and half hours later.

The Ngambela was compelled to come out of his vehicle to greet the ululating, dancing and jubilant crowds of, children, women youths and men as Induna Namamba, Mr. Matongo gave a brief speech to welcome the Ngambela and his entourage back home.

In his brief welcome address, Induna Namamba informed the Ngambela that the people who had gathered to welcome him were happy to see him back and were expectant to hear the details of his tour of duty outside Barotseland.

In response Induna Katema, Mr. Lubasi, thanked the crowds for the unity of purpose demonstrated adding that this is as it should always be.

He further informed them that the Ngambela has had a very fruitful and successful trip which saw him visiting Livingstone, Choma and Monze towns in Southern Province including Lusaka his first stop.

Induna Katema further informed the people who had come to welcome the Ngambela that full details of the trip will only be availed to the public after the Litunga has been fully briefed as per Lozi tradition and culture.

Barotseland Prime Minister Sinyinda greeting the people (Sorry for bad picture)

Thereafter, the Ngambela’s motorcade escorted by several vehicles carrying hundreds of jubilant people took off for Limulunga through the roundabout on Independence Road. Upon reaching the Mongu Central Business District, the convoy stopped to facilitate the Ngambela to greet people who had lined up the road and those standing in shop corridors.

The same took place at Kapulanga popularly known to the locals as “Baghdad” before the convoy proceeded on the Limulunga Road. The whole route from ‘Welcome to Mongu’ Post to Limulunga was lined up by people wanting to have a glimpse of the ‘Minyolui

The Indunas advised the accompanying vehicles to turn back after Malengwa because the Royal Village had a funeral of Bo-Ma Inonge (the Muoli Imwambo of Imutakwandu Mbikusita Lewanika II and Mother to Akashambatwa and Inonge Mbikusita Lewanika etal) but the people insisted to continue in the convoy up to the entrance of the Royal Village.

As a result a compromise position was taken that the accompanying carrying hundreds of people should only go as far the crocodile farm in Mabumbu area. Unfortunately due to the euphoria that had gripped the people, they did not seem to be willing to turn back even upon reaching the agreed point. Given the circumstance, The Ngambela and Indunas took a decision not to proceed into the Royal Village but instead return to Mongu. This return journey was characterised by the earlier pomp and splendour.

Prime minister's convoy driving slowly as people kneel along the way

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