Mongu residents have not benefited from PF roads-MMD

Mongu residents have not benefited from the Patriotic Front roads in Mongu because they can’t afford bus fares.
Movement for Multy-Party Democracy (MMD) Chairperson for Transport Kamuti Kamwengo told Mongu FM Radio Saturday morning that the PF had done well on the roads but it was at the expense of the poor as the majority people can’t even afford to pay for a bus.
“The PF government is pro rich not pro poor, they have built roads yes but it’s at the expense of the poor, people are walking on foot in Mongu when they knock off from work because they can’t afford to pay for buses,” Kamwengo lamented.
He wondered why poor people who sell Sintambi (traditional vegetable common in Western Province) worth K6 should be taxed K1 yet people getting K3, 000 are not taxed and charged that this was satanic.
He noted that the much talked about Mongu/Kalabo road was launched by the MMD and stressed that the MMD was balancing infrastructure and taking care of the people but PF only concentrates on roads which are already getting damaged.
He said under the MMD people were eating but now it was difficult to find money and joked that Zambians have now been reduced from millionaires to thousands and some to ngwees.
Kamwengo observed that the people of Mongu were in urgent need of clean water than roads and wondered if the PF can provide water in a place like Benghazi in Lybia if they fail to provide water in Mongu which is home to the Zambezi River.
“The water from the pipes is red and it takes about an hour for it to clear up yet we pay bills, you fail to provide water in Mongu with the Zambezi River, can you provide water in Benghazi in Lybia? ” wondered Kamwengo.
And Kamwengo has charged that the PF has failed to build a stadium in Mongu yet nobody had pushed President Sata to promise them a stadium.
He said President Sata was behaving like a father who promises to buy new shoes for his children and then keeps quite.
Kamwengo warned that time will soon come when the people will ask about the stadium.

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