Mongu riots memorial fails to take off

Plans to conduct a memorial march past and petition the Patriotic Front (PF) government in remembrance of the Barotseland agreement victims by the Linyngandambo in Mongu, Western Province yesterday failed.

A source from the group told Watchdog on Sunday that they could not accomplish their plan because some top members in the group have been bribed by the PF government.

He said the initial plan was to march from Kapulanga to the Provincial Administration where they should have presented a petition to the Minister on challenges that are being faced by mostly the young people in the Province.

“ Personally am very disappointed because we did not carry out our memorial programme as we planned it, am suspecting that government has managed to win some of our top leaders and that is very disturbing” he said.

“We ended up having a ka small memorial service at the independence stadium with a lot of Police officers guarding us like criminals” the source added.
In January 2010, at least two people died and about 120 were charged and detained for treason after they rioted demanding for the restoration of the Barotseland Agreement of 1964.

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