Mongu youths say there is no development, MP not seen

Youths in Mongu district in Western Province have castigated Mongu Central Member of Parliament Nathaniel Mubukwanu to fulfill the promises he made to them during last year’s general election campaigns.

Speaking on behalf of the aggrieved youths, Manyando Kanahalu a resident of Kapulanga compound Kapulanga compound told Watchdog on Wednesday that Mubukwanu has become very expensive these days.

Kanahalu said Mubukwanu held many private meeting with the youths during the run up to last year’s September polls where he promised that he would initiate development projects that will benefit youths.

“This man (Mubukwanu) is now turning his back on us, he held a lot of meetings with us last year before we voted for him and he told us that he will create a lot of jobs for us” he revealed.

He said Mubukwanu told the youths to ensure that they vote for him and President Sata assuring them that once in power the PF government would create jobs for local young people.

Kanahalu said the PF government has been in power for over 90 days saying so far there are no meaningful developmental projects made that can benefit the youths in the area.

“ he ( Mubukwanu) told us that we will start being comfortable after 90 days of his government in power, its being four months now about 130 days where is the money cause it’s not yet in our pockets” he added.

“ now this Mubukwanu and his fake government will see our wrath  if he does not fulfill his promises in two months time, we will show him, our vote cannot go in vain”  he warned.

He said Mubukwanu who is also Provincial Minister should not only spend much of his time on official duties but should also take keen interest in fulfilling the promises to the people that gave him the power he is now enjoying.

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