Monze cops free suspects, share More than K100 million

Police in southern province are investigating allegations of corrupt practices involving two senior police officers in Monze town.
The two named police officers collected K50 Million each from a Zambian and two Namibian nationals after they were found with undisclosed sums of money in both Kwacha and Dollar currencies bundled in three travelling bags.
Sources revealed that a Zambian named Chris Miyanda and his two Namibian business partners Erick Libamba and Mauma Shalomu were picked from a popular eating place called Tooters after a tip-off from a taxi driver who they had wanted to book from Monze to Kazungula border Post.
The taxi driver got alarmed by the huge sums of money in bags and tipped the police.
But the senior police officers decided to share the money and release the suspects.
The two officers have been named as Kingwell Lwano, the Officer In-charge of Monze
and Criminal Investigations Officer for Monze Paul Chikosola.
“The three suspects were brought in by Constable Lawson Chipawa and Ignecios Imumba and these officers informed the superiors who later called a manager from Finance Bank to see if the money was counterfeit. Luckily she told them the dollars were original even the Kwacha notes and asked her to leave,” the source said.
The police officers and the suspects then agreed to share the money.
“That is how these two guys (CIO, OIC) got U$D13000 each and other junior officers on duty were given K540 000 and suspects released, on the pretext that they were dealing in a clean business. But what we are asking as officers is that why didn’t they hand over the suspects to DEC because it is not within our jurisdiction to deal with issues of money laundering,” said the source.
The source alleged that the two officers have since gone into pastoral farming and bought cows from a named traditional leader from Monze.
When contacted for a comment Southern province police Chief Lemmy Kajoba said investigations had been set to establish the truth.
“We have received those reports and we have already instituted investigation and we are working around the clock to bring to book the
culprits,” he said.
Senior police officers in Monze have of late come under fire from members of the public alleging them to be involved in high levels of corruption.
Residents have also petitioned the inspector general of police Francis Kabonde to retire officers suspected to be conniving with criminals.

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