Monze Lwiindi denounces Chief Mukuni’s version

Chief Mukuni with wife (Queen)

Chief Mukuni with wife (Queen)

New chairman of the Lwiindi Gonde ceremony of the Tonga people of Monze district, Rex Natala says Tongas don’t know chief Mukuni’s Lwiindi ceremony.

And Mr. Natala, a former MP in the UNIP era, has regretted that previous organisers of the traditional ceremony heavily politicised the event.
UPND president Hakainde Hichilema is the patron of the ceremony. He took over from late Anderson Mazoka

Mr Natala has since warned all political parties not to attend this year’s ceremony with the intentions of making political mileage out of it.

He said politicians must realise that there is time to engage in politics and time for tradition.
He said Chief Monze and himself realised that the ceremony was being politicised by previous organisers, adding that in the end, they destroying the ceremony.

He said that President Rupiah Banda accepted to grace this year’s Lwiindi Gonde ceremony because government knows that it will be a peaceful and memorable event.

Mr Natala noted that previous organisers had no vision for the ceremony and ended up denying the citizens the true value of a traditional ceremony.

Mr Natala was quoted by ZANIS in Monze saying that the two Lwiindis being held at the same time with that in Chief Mukuni’s area in Kazungula district were bringing confusion.
He said that the events were also costly to tax payers because it was the same government officials who were using the same resources to officiate at both ceremonies.

He said from time immemorial, Chief Monze’s Lwiindi Gonde traditional ceremony took place in Monze, the provincial Lwiindi.

”From time immemorial, Chief Monze’s Lwiindi is the provincial Lwiindi. In other words, we are not aware of the Lwiindi of Chief Mukuni,” he said.

Chief Mukuni has been accused of trying to elevate himself to paramount chief. He has been accused of applying to the government to be recognized as the Paramaunt chief.

President Rupiah Banda and his Tanzanian counterpart, Jakaya Kikwete will grace both the Lwiindi of Gonde and Kazungula.

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