Monze UPND MPs raise money for a grader.

Three opposition UPND Parliamentarians in Monze district in Southern province have raised KR 1.9 million in order to purchase a brand new grader to rehabilitate the poor road infrastructure in the district.

The three Parliamentarians are  Bweengwa Constituency Member of Parliament (MP) Highvie Hamududu, Monze Central’s Jack Mwiimbu and Vitalis Mooya of Moomba Constituency.

Bweengwa Constituency MP Highvie Hamududu disclosed this to ZANIS  saying that the earth moving machine (grader) would be bought locally at Caterpillar Zambia Limited.

“We the MPs in Monze district have decided to put our heads together and raise Kr 1.9 million to buy a grader in order to repair the feeder roads that are in a dilapidated state in the district, because we thought government alone can not manage”, Mr Hamududu said.

“The roads in the district leaves much to be desired and to quicken the procurement process, the parliamentarians who are also civic leaders at the Monze District council decided to put their heads  together and came up with the move”, Hamududu said.

He also added that a good road network is cardinal to the transportation of produce from the small scale farmers in the district.

Meanwhile, the Bweengwa MP has projected a good harvest from the farmers in Monze district and that he hopes the Food Reserve Agency (FRA) would not disappoint the farmers in paying them their moneys for the maize they will supply to the Agency.


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