Moonga says Given Lubinda does not support Lungu

Moonga says Given Lubinda does not support Lungu

Given Lubinda is an insubordinate and treacherous savage. He refused to shake my hands in Church, PF’s Paul Moonga complains.

In a letter of complaint to PF Secretary General Davies Mwila, Moonga complains that Lubinda does not genuinely support President Edgar Lungu.

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    ONE MUNYENGE 2 weeks ago

    don’t force other people to love you man. If he hates you then you should respect his right and liberty of hating you and move on. so when you look yourself in the mirror all you feel is resentment all because Given doesn’t like you and doest give a $hit. This negative energy is not good for the parte, not good for your soul and not good for your family and definitely not good for me one Munyenge.

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    Meanwhile you are forcing others to attend the decitful national prayers, when you can’t promote tolerance among yourselves.
    Pray privately, tolerate and respect others, simple.

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      Mgubbudu 2 weeks ago

      Paul Moonga is a big hypocrite, has no shame and a big thief of party funds. He is childish and a shameless buffoon who smiles amidst serious financial mismanagement revelations.

      Kuli Paul Moonga kunyina citonda. We dont even know how he became MCC and ahy he is kept in that portfolio. Such a jealous hypocrite