Mopani mine lays off 66 more workers

Mopani mine lays off 66 more workers

Screen Shot 2016-02-19 at 09.41.08Mopani Copper mines has retrenched 66 workers from the security department generally known as ‘mine police.’

And Mopani has reportedly imposed a wage freeze until 2019.

According to information obtained by the Watchdog, 21 workers have been pruned from Mopani’s Mufulira offices while 45 workers have lost jobs at Kitwe offices.

According to inside sources, Mopani will retrench more workers from other departments during the next phase to be conducted soon.

Last Monday (February 15, 2016), Mopani Copper Mines Chief Executive Officer Johanne Hansen convened a meeting with auditors and other stakeholders and briefed them on the weak financial position of the company.

Among other things, Hansen explained that the company was borrowing about US$30 million monthly to sustain company operations, and indicated that there will be more retrenchments to save costs.

He further said that there will be a wage freeze from now up to 2019 for all employees that would not be retrenched

Some miners however complained that, the few miners that have remained are being overworked to the extent of working more than 12hrs daily with no over time pay.

Some miners explained that they have outstanding bank loans and most of them are going home with less than k1000 per month even after working extra hard due to non payment of overtime.

Last year, Mopani laid off more than 4000 employees sighting the fall of copper prices on the world market.

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