Mopani moves contract buying office from Zambia to SA

Mopani moves contract buying office from Zambia to SA


Glencore (Mopani Copper mine ) has moved the Forward Purchase Agreement (FPA) Contract Buying office from Kitwe Zambia to Johannesburg. This is despite protests by Zambian suppliers.

The former KCM executive Ms. Sneha Deepthi now Mopani Chief Commercial Officer under Glencore confirmed to sources that the Minister of Mines gave Green light for the Contract FPA(Forward Purchase Agreement) office to be moved from Kitwe to Johanneburg after lengthy engagements.

But sources have reviewed that, Mr. Richard Musuka (Mines Minister) has been paid heavily in cash and given contracts and orders himself via his company to keep quite and give permission to relocate the FPA Buying Office.

Mines PS- Barnard Mulenga has also been a beneficiary of brown envelopes delivered by now Acting CEO Charles Sakanya(who is believed to be A strong Opposition Sympathizer).

Despite Suppliers protesting in March 2020 demanding that, the FPA Contract office remains in Kitwe for local Indigenous Zambians Suppliers and Contractors to stand a chance to win some contracts, the minister selfishly allowed Sneha Deepthi and a South African called Clemens Engelbletcht to move the office. Suppliers and Contractors had protested under the theme – Indeginous Zambian Suppliers and Contractors Business and lives Matters. Black lives Matters!

Some suppliers contacted have confirmed receiving Tenders Bids and Tender results from Glencore Johannesburg office via Mr. Clemens Englebletchbt office facilited by Sneha who had been travelling every to weeks to Johannesburg before lockdown. Tender Bids and results from Glencore johanneburg office are a clear confirmation that the FPA Contract office has been moved finally. When buyers at local Kitwe office who used to handle Tenders were asked about these Tender processes, they had no knowledge of tenders. Only Sneha Deepthi (Indian), Susana Chequin(Peruvian) and Clemens Englebletcht (South African) knows. This why all Mining Contractors at Mopani are either White South Africans, Peruvians or FPA Contracts companies are awarded to Indian owned or whites resident in Zambia. This situation needs immediate action and reversal.

For Sneha Deepthi, it’s a revenge for what the Govt did to KCM where she lost a Job. Sneha Deepthi has clearly crafted a system where Black Zambians Supplier and Contractors are removed from supplying any goods to Mopani. She has clearly stated that she would rather give Business to Non-Zambians resident in Zambia and Foreign companies because the PF Govt is a bad Govt and anti-foreigners. She also stated that she will use her office by all means to make sure the masses( citizens) revolts against the current govt in the next elections. She has also stopped registration of any Zambian Company but sources has told us that, she has registered more than 10 South African Company in the past three months. Sneha Deepthi has teamed up and convinced a team of foreigners like Susana Chuquin(Supply Quality & FPA Manager), Francis Smit( (General manager- Muf), Clemens Engelbletcht(Supply Manager-Africa-copper & Zinc-Johannesburg office) and Neal Reynolds- CFO(Mopani) to deny and starve local Suppliers & Contractors so that the current GOVT becomes unpopular. The above have also found a good friend and supporter of the ideas in the Acting CEO- Charles Sakanya who is a well-known strong UPND Sympathiser.

The only Suppliers and Contractors that Sneha Deepthi and Clemens Englebletcht wants to remain doing Business with Mopani in Zambia Must be companies owned by a white South African, Indian, Peruvian or any other nationality apart from Zambians. Surely, in other countries, these type of people are viewed to be serious enemies of the state and are either deported or blocked from entering the country. Why can’t Zambia do it?

This is why other Countries like Tanzania, DRC, Ghana, Botswana, South Africa, Zimbawe and Mali have all enacted local Content laws in Mining. Richard Musukwa( Mines Minister) MUST quickly sign an SI on Local Contents for Mining so that these capitalists are controlled by law otherwise, he may win his constituency but the PF Govt will NOT win any seat on the Copperbelt.

If the Govt do not reverse and stop Mopani from awarding FPA Buying Contracts from(Johannesburg) South Africa, Suppliers and Contractors on the Copperbelt in the next coming elections fully favours opposition because of the dying Supplier and Contractor base which is the anchor of the Copperbelt economy. Opposition must capitalise on the abandoned suppliers and Contractors to take votes to the opposition

We expect the Government to quickly and seriously act by;

Instruct Glencore and Mopani to reserve all contracts already issued/Tendered from Johannesburg office so these tenders are re-issued and adjudicated locally
Instruct Glencore/Mopani to immediately relocate the FPA Contract Buying Office from Johannesburg back to Kitwe – Zambia where Zambian can access it too
Take Sneha Deepthi , Susana Chequibn and team out of the country for inciting the public to revolt against the ruling Govt and destabilising both economy and peace on the copperbelt.
Block Mr. Clemens Engelbletcht from entering Zambia or detain him if he enters Zambia to answer charges of abating to incite the public to revolt against the ruling government
Lastly, the Government MUST immediately enact a law on Local Content for mining or Sign an SI to Govern the Same.

If the Government does not act, the opposition has an opportunity to make things right here next year.

Hope opposition once they win will draft and sign into law a Mining code on local suppliers and Contractors content as other countries above have done and many more around the world. we are tired of Govts that cannot protect us.

All the Mines minister needed to do to protect indeginous Black Zambian Suppliers and Contractors was to sign into law an SI stipulating atleast 25% to be reserved for Zambians. Just like the ministry of Transport has just done on foreign Trucks.

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