Mopani running fake job adverts

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It was not long ago when PF President Edgar Jameson Lungu openly lied to the whole Nation that he would create 500 000 jobs for the Youths.Here is the worst Mining Company [MCM] F##king around us with lies that they are employing people when infact not.The Mopani Copper Mines Plc had been publishing fake employments adverts in Print Media [Times Of Zambia Newspapers].MCM is not creating jobs/employnents nor Upskilling Artisans they just want to deceive the Govt.They just adverts to show off to the Govt that they are creating jobs when infact not.Last year MCM advertised in Newspapers that they were upskilling Artisans in differents trades at MCTC-believe me that advert was fake/rubbish not even a single person been called for upskilling so far.

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