More than 700 ex-KCM miners retrenched in 2009 not yet paid

Dear sir,
We are KCM ex-miners retrenched in 2009 but we were not paid our terminal benefits in accordance with the law of Zambia. We would like you to help us post our heartfelt grievances on your site maybe  government  may come to help us.

We are more than 700 ex- miners languishing in poverty after KCM breached our contracts. We have all the necessary agreements.

Since 2009, we have been spending sleepless night engaging government officials like Mr Musukwa, Ronald Msisika, Mr. Shamenda, Mr Simuusa, Mr Mikanga, Mr Mbulu, even the President is aware but it is like KCM is bigger than our leaders. We visited Cabinet office on 12th February,2012 but to no avail. We spent 180 days at intercity bus terminals in Lusaka surviving on pamelas and cabbages.

Please allow our grievances published to redeem ourselves from human exploitations.


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